John Hartford’s song “Long Hot Summer Days” would have been a perfect one to play on this July cooker! While things were a bit sweaty, it still felt so great to be out playing live wooden music. Ajax Tavern, Saturday July 11.

We have certainly craved playing music together and being out playing gigs in these months of CoVid. It has made us deeply appreciate the simple things, like being out on a summer night in the shade of the trees along the Roaring Fork River picking bluegrass music. We enjoyed a lovely evening at the Roaring Fork Club – thankful for the guests warm reception of the music and the kitchen staff providing us with an extraordinary surf and turf dinner after the show. July 7, 2020

Fourth of July at the Ajax Tavern 2020 We’ve been so thankful to be playing at the Ajax Tavern every Saturday of the 2020 summer.
Mark, Ted, and Brett Trio, Ajax Tavern June 27, 2020
Shannon letting the feet and the fiddle rest during a set break at our first Ajax Tavern show of the summer, June 20, 2020 (whoa… that’s a lot of 20s).
This annual Hoedown always puts smiles on our faces. Feb 15, 2020
Lovely being able to add bluegrass music to an art opening at the amazing Aspen Art Museum, November, 2020
Ted, Brett, and Kayo late night gigging at Slow Grovin’ in Snomass Village, winter 2020

Pickin’ at the new Limelight in Snowmass. July, 2019


Black Dog Saloon, Nov 16, 2018

IMG_1640 (1)

HRSB Trio, Home Team BBQ, Aspen Colorado, Oct 12, 2018


Kayo steps out of the Stormtrooper (the name of his Prius) locked and loaded wielding Goldmember (the name of his banjo) on the way to play Home Team BBQ in Aspen.

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What a Saturday!  Oct 6, 2018.  The day started with playing Potato Days in Carbondale, followed by a two hour set at Chili Fest at River Valley Ranch, and closed with The Applefest Jam at Avalanche Ranch up the Crystal River Valley.  Our favorite party of the year.  A truly outstanding jam this year amidst an extraordinary apple crop, first snows on Sopris, hot springs, good friends and outstanding pickers.

It was cold, and the first big storm of the fall left its snow on Mt. Sopris, but the warmth of the people of Carbondale kept us all warm at Potato Days, Sept 6 2018.


Kayo limbering up the fingers before the reception at the Trumble wedding at Sunlight, Sept 29 2018


Ted and Shannon amongst the fall colors at Sunlight.  September 29, 2018


What’s the last thing a banjo player ever says before he dies?  “Here, hold my banjo…”


Swingin’ times at the Oats Wedding at the T-Lazy 7 in Aspen Sept 22, 2018

Such a lovely evening playing for the Goldberg family wedding welcome party at the Marolt Mining Museum in Aspen Sept 21st, 2018.  The perfect setting for Bluegrass and a wonderful, fun, and energic group of family and friends that came ready to celebrate.


Mark opens up cannister one of his special home-made ginger ale to fuel the reception at the Garling/Kaeppler wedding at the RVR Ranch House in Carbondale September 14, 2018.


Thanks to Kelsey Been and Josh Vogt for letting us be a part of their wedding in Marble Colorado.  Sept 8, 2018.

IMG_1281Oh how we love you Carbondale Colorado.  We couldn’t have been happier raging until  closing time at Beer Works during First Friday, September 2018.  Thanks to everyone who came out, including the three-minute headstand avenger on the dance floor.  IMG_1291

Top of the Mountain Glenwood Caverns Show, August 2018.

Some pray to the mountain. We play to the mountain. Emma Colorado, July
Closing out Independence Day with bluegrass. 4th of July 2018 at the Velvet Buck in Aspen
Ted and Mark all smiles before the famous and raucous show where “The General” by Dispatch made it back into our repertoire in the Velvet Buck at the St Regis in Aspen.  June 21st 2018

Equitarian Initiative, June 9th, 2018

On Kayo’s 46th birthday we again found ourselves thankful of the places this musical journey has taken us.  We were thrilled to be exposed to The Equitarian Initiative which is essentially the equivalent of Doctors Without Borders for horses and is thus an organization that brings large animal vets all over the world to bring their expertise to communities that rely on working animals.  After we provided music for the dinner and evening festivities Kate McBride, who hosted the summit, showed us her horse therapy facility which included heat and light therapy, and underwater treadmill, and a vibrating floor.

When a giant white dog curls up at your feet during your guitar solo you know you are in the right place and playing to the right crowd.

Colorado Association for Recycling Summit, Snowmass, June 4, 2018

It’s always a delight playing for people who get up and dance and enjoy the music… and when those people are working hard doing good things for the planet, it makes it all that much better.  Thanks CAFR for letting us be a part of this great event.


Redstone Inn pool opening party, June 2nd 2018

It’s hard to say if there is a better setting for bluegrass music than a summer evening in Redstone Colorado.  Is it the magic of the Crystal River Valley?  The historic nature of the the town and the Redstone Inn?  Both of those things for sure, but most impressive are the people.  Thank you Redstone for your love and appreciation of the music and your energy and warmth.  We always look forward to a Redstone gig.

Let Your Light Shine On Me… through the magnificent windows of the T-Lazy 7 in Aspen.

Photos courtesy of Rachel Havel.